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Happy Hour

Happy Hour! 6pm to 9pm~if you are a party soul...this is for you!!
with lacquered aluminum needles and a retractable watch machine. Made with both hard concrete and delicate crystal.

Model: HH White Glass
Dimensions: 15" Diameter • 1.25" Width
Weight: 6 pounds


Happy Hour is a collection of clocks framing moments in a special and unique way. Once the needles reach their position, you can keep track of time according your personality. Handcrafted according to six different personalities: Workaholic for obsessive workers, Daylight for sun lovers, Night for the night owls and Partime for those who are not afraid of starting over. Happy Hour is for those «lights» who enjoy celebrations while Carpe Diem is for those seizing the moment. making a series of exclusive designs combining happiness with the most sublime and clean aesthetic.


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