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Gun Neon Lamp

Your job with this gun is to give away love to everybody. Lets shot some love!

Handmade with real neon glass. Each piece includes an electric transformer with dimer and all the accessories ready to hang!

Mesure: 24"x14"
10mm of thickness
Color: Pink
Weight: 6 Pounds

For orders write to us at: info@vainillas.net

Vainillas Lumínicas is the contemporary design studio's first collection. It is a collection of neon lamps that are shaped in ludic and rebellious forms, making any space glow. The idea was to use classic neon materials to produce unexpected, fun and contemporary shapes in order to create an unique and functional design piece. With that in mind, 9 designs and a limited edition series was created. Each piece comes with an electric transformer and its accessories, ready to hang and experience immediately. 


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